Seagull is a leading global provider of industrialized

e-learning to the offshore and maritime industry.

When we started building our training library and testing software, we soon saw the need for a system to organize the training activity. And to truly optimize the effect and efficiency of onboard training, you need powerful monitoring capabilities and reports at your fingertips. We have been delivering this level of control for more than ten years, in spite of the limited bandwidth at sea. To do this we have had to build a lean and flexible backbone that makes the most out of every kilobyte.



A robust backbone

Seagull has a modern, cloud-based solution that provides an unparalleled learning experience by connecting formal, informal and collaborative learning. Our innovative platform quickly delivers highly targeted learning—when and where people want to learn. The backbone of all we deliver is the Seagull Training Administrator (STA), where most computers use Windows as their operating system, STA is the operating system behind our comprehensive training and competence management system.


Data Exchange

In complex operations data exchange has to be easy, also when bandwidth is limited. One of the most unique features in our system is the advanced communication protocol that allows the system to communicate and synchronise via simple e-mail. It can be done either manually by use of small configuration files or can be installed completely automatically within your system and with use of frequency that is suitable for your operation. Our data exchange makes it easy for training managers onshore to follow the training progress onboard and stay on track with company requirements.

Setup and configuration

Our system can be set up on a stand-alone computer delivered by us, or installed on the installation/company network. A training computer is always included in our setup, with hardware warrantied and renewed by us, free of charge. With the new STA 4.0 easy network setup in your own infrastructure allows crew to access their training and records through a web browser on any computer connected to the network.

Training content

The flexibility of our system is unmatched, not only do we deliver a large library of e-learning modules; we can also easily integrate your own company specific training into our system. We know that many customers hesitate to install any new training system onboard as they have spent huge resources on developing their own training content. With Seagull you can easily have your own content integrated through STA using the standard Scorm format. Many of our customers also have us to produce company specific training for them, usually at a much lower price than if you do it internally or outsource the production to other vendors.

Integration with crewing systems

Our training and competence manager can be fully integrated with your existing HR and crew system. This makes it easy to add new personnel, competencies of personnel and see which personnel have acquired the skills they need for promotion. All training records and reports are readily available at any time for the training officer or supervisor. With the online function all administration and reports are available at Seagull "Customer login" on the web page.

A bundle of solutions

What we have that our competitors don’t is a complete and fully integrated system with a variety of solutions readily available for both onboard crew and onshore managers. Our system can always be expanded to meet your needs, or downsized when times are tougher. We know the offshore and maritime industry is a volatile industry and our goal is to give you a training and competence system that meet your need and budget whenever and where ever you operate.