Recruitment - the first step to success

An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without focus on human resources. One of the major responsibilities in any organization is the recruitment and training of people. All organizations need to have a plan for hiring the right candidate for the job. It starts with designing the criteria best suitable for a specific job description.

Recruitment and training

Providing further training for the job is essential. In the recruitment process you can start to identify the competencies and knowledge of the candidate and then make a plan for increasing competencies to meet company standards. It is important to give the staff opportunities to sharpen their existing skills and develop specialized skills which in turn, will help them to take up new roles and increase efficiency. Seagull has developed tools specifically for this purpose and you can read more about them underneath.  


Ability Profiling (APRO)

APRO is a part of STA Online and is a psychometric test tool designed to measure the ability of entry level seafarers, and junior officers.


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Crew Evaluation System (CES)

CES is an online assessment tool to evaluate the background knowledge of emploees with the objective to identify maritime and offshore training needs. It consists of a question database with over five thousand multiple choice questions, specific to the knowledge areas defined in STCW.


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Benchmarking & statistics with CES online

CES is one of the most used tools in the industry to evaluate crew knowledge. It was developed in 1995 and came with its first online solution in 2010. Since then, the system has tracked more than 500,000 test results and is currently installed with more than 250 companies worldwide. 


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