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Ge Healthcare - Ex Training with ExTek

  • Kent Rustad |
  • 5. December 2016 - 08:33


Ge Healthcare Norway use ExTek to increase competence and knowledge of personnel working in Ex areas.

“We have used ExTek to train our employees on these very important subjects” says Steinar Torkelsen; Responsible Electro. “The feedback from our workers is good, with experienced instructors that focuses on daily work examples. How to reduce risk and increase safety is important for GE Healthcare, and ExTek has proven to be a very good partner with instructors showing field experience.”

ExTek delivers Ex training to all industries to meet the demand in the market. Ex Basic, Ex and Exi Installation and Maintenance can be delivered as e-learning and classroom courses. ExTek is the only CompEx licensed center in Norway. The CompEx Scheme is the global solution for validating core competency of employees and contracted staff working in Ex areas.

“We are very happy to hear that our clients appreciate our experienced instructors,” says Gudveig Elin Undheim, Sales and Centre Manager at ExTek. “To have instructors with real field experience is a requirement for ExTek. All e-learning and classroom training is developed by experience practitioners that has worked in the field. We are very happy to have GE Healthcare as a client,”

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