Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a Seagull Maritime onboard course?
A: A Seagull Maritime onboard course consists of one or more e-learning modules and a workbook describing a set of practical and theoretical exercises which leads to a course certificate.


Q: When I have completed my onboard course, where can I send it ?
A: You can email your application as one .pdf attachment  to

Q: If I send my onboard course application as an email, do I also have to send hard-copies?
A: No, you only need to send your application by email.


Q: Where can I address questions about Seagull Maritime onboard courses?
A: All questions about Seagull Maritime onboard courses must be sent to


Q: If I have any enquires about my already submitted  onboard courses or already issued onboard course certificates, what type of information must I include in my enquire?
A: For Seagull Maritime to give you a quick and correct answer you must state your full name, date of birth, your company, and what type of onboard course your enquiry concern.


Q: How long will it take Seagull Maritime to process my onboard course application?
A: Under normal circumstances your certificate will be issued within two weeks after Seagull Maritime has received your onboard course application.


Q: When Seagull Maritime has issued my onboard course certificate, where is it sent?
A: Seagull Maritime always sends original onboard course certificate and invoice to your company.


Q: If I do not pass the examination or my application is incomplete, will Seagull Maritime contact me?
A: Seagull Maritime will contact you if you have provided proper contact information in your application, such as your/companies email address. Otherwise your application will be destroyed.


Q: Do I need to keep my own copy of my onboard course application?
A: Yes, if your application is lost or destroyed you may not have to redo your workbook to get your onboard course certificate.


Q: Can a number of crew members send in one mutual application or several identical applications?
A: No, the crew members can discuss the course topics as a group, but all applications must be individually answered.


Q: Can the included e-learning reports in an onboard course application be sent as an export file (.nft file)?
A: No, all e-learning reports must be printed, signed and stamped. All report must show time used, % completed, and % score.


Q: Who can sign and verify the onboard course application?
A: Normally this is the Master or certified Assessor, if there is no assessor and the Master is the candidate another senior officer must sign and verify the application.


Q: How can I be sure that I have the latest version of workbooks?
A: You can at all times download Seagull Maritimes latest workbooks from our web site or send a request to


Q: What will Seagull Maritime do if an application is found to be copied from a previous submitted application or consider to be fraudulent?
A: All received applications are filed and we compare them with our records of previously submitted applications.  We will invoice for applications which is found to be copied from a previous submitted application or consider to be fraudulent.


Q: What is the difference between a Seagull Maritime onboard course and a Seagull Maritime distance course?
A: Seagull Maritime onboard courses consists of one or more e-learning modules, a procedure and a workbook, while a Seagull Maritime distance course consists of one or more e-learning modules and a procedure.