Competent people make the difference

Company crewing departments and companies that use crewing agencies often have to manage thousands of employees’ careers, with fewer office staff, less control and little first-hand knowledge of the talent operating their installation. This challenge requires solutions that are not only affordable, but also comprehensive in confirming and validating the abilities of the people onboard.

Our offering has an integrated set of tools that cover the entire process -- from recruitment through all the stages of the employees` career. This is of great value to the crewing departments who can find everything they need for managing the career cycle in one single, comprehensive system.


Seagull competence manager 

The Competence Manager is a feature of the Seagull Training Administrator and effectively specifies complete competency profiles for every position onboard. This provides you with a simple and efficient competency development and career planning tool to identify promotional requirements and motivate progression. The Competence management section includes an editor which allows your company to define company specific competence requirements.

Seagull has developed a series of competency definitions for various installation types that can be used as the foundation for your own company’s competence and career management system requirements. These competency definitions have been derived using standards and regulations in cooperation with several companies to ensure that they include the appropriate requirements for a particular installation type.

You can read more about our suggested training by installation types here