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We have spent twenty years building the complete solution
to your crewing challenges, get on board with us

Our solutions follow peoples life through their career with training, assessing and monitoring every
step of the way. Below are some examples of what you can do with the Seagull system.

Spend your time on  the right applicant

Spend your time on the right applicant

With our simple recruitment tools you can reduce time spent on screening candidates, by means of ability and knowledge tests. Our CES test is by considerable margins the most used offshore knowledge test, since 1999.

Create a full career plan  in a simple way

Create a full career plan in a simple way

Any good training system is centered around a comprehensive career plan, and ours is no different. There is a surge for experienced people, and the focus is on building competence and retaining valued members. A defined career plan will drive promotion and keep the staff self-driven.

Do training onboard or online, anytime

Do training onboard or online, anytime

We started building our comprehensive e-learning library way back in 1996, as one of the first adopters of this technology. Since then this form of training has become mainstream, but we are still the only provider able to keep the training records updated while offline.

Manage and track training  progress on a global scale

Manage and track training progress on a global scale

Our system is currently used on more than 9400 vessels and installations around the world. The training results follow people from installation to installation and are readily available online for the management. Powerful management tools keep you on top of every training activity across the fleet.

We have solutions and training for all oil & gas installations, here are a few examples

 Petrochemical Plant FPSO/FSO Rig/plattform Offshore wessels 

Some of our clients


We believe hiring to be the most important first step towards the organizations success. Finding and hiring the best qualified candidate for the job is what pushes your business forward.

Recruitment of candidates for positions in the company is the first step in the training cycle. The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a offshore job opening, in a timely and cost effective manner can be a challenging task. Seagull has developed tools to overcome such challenges; these tools are a part of our entire competence management system targeted at the offshore and maritime industry. Our goal is that YOU find the BEST candidate for the job.

Crew Evaluation System (CES) 

CES is a knowledge database with more than 5000 multiple choice questions, specific to management, operations and support. Questions in the database can also be customized to a company's own specific needs via the CES test editor tool. Since CES is an online tool a test can be accessed online from any of your offices around the world, making it easy to use for applicants no matter where they are located, whilst results still are easily available for HR departments.

Ability Profiling (APRO)

The Ability Profiling program (APRO) is a psychometric assessment program developed to be used as a support tool during recruitment of junior crew and the screening of students for studies. APRO was developed in a research and development program headed by the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute and was supported by University of Oslo, DNV, and the shipping industry.

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Career development

To have a plan is always important. It can make a difference both in operation and in safety matters. Career planning motivates your employees to reach goals and aim higher. Who stayed on track and are ready for promotion? This is ultimately the essence of a career plan.

Career development - exploration & commitment

Because organizations have to stay current in technology, business practices, and in advances in their industry, an organization that embraces career development processes can keep employees informed of advancements and maintain their competitive edge in the market.

It is important to provide a clear path for each empoyee, encouraging them to aim for the next step on the career ladder. This must be clearly defined and easy to follow. It is important that your staff ’s time is used as efficiently as possible and only the individuals training are clearly defined for their next rank step.

Career planning and competence management has becomes an increasing important strategy for many offshore companies to quality assure that the employees are properly trained and verified to be competent before promoted.

Seagull developed a comprehensive software program in 2005 which is updated and expanded twice a year, containing all functions and reporting facilities to efficient define and administrate career development in any shipping companies.

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Career developement


Training is Value! In the long term, it is not what is spent on training, it is what could be lost if you do not. In fact, every $1 spent on training results in $30 increased productivity – IBM Value of Training, 2014.


Competent people make the difference.

Competent, experienced and well-trained crew make the installation safe. It is important that we do all we can to provide the industry with well educated, trained and motivated employees. Otherwise the whole system will collapse.

The training software

The Seagull Training System is a comprehensive software suite of administration, training content, competence management, and software tools available online and offline. All tools and features are selected as needed and scalable to your company requirement and need.

Seagull Training Administrator (STA) is available and online using a central database maintained by Seagull. The onboard and office administrators will have access to the training profiles of the crew. This feature of the system should speed up the monitoring and assessment of completed training tasks world wide. The seafarers has similar access to training and their training profiles onboard, as well as ashore, from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Training library


Customer services

For any business to excel in customer service, the dedication should be found in the core values. Seagull is a dedicated partner with global presence and professional staff. Further on we are proactive and innovative in a challenging industry.

Support desk

We have a dedicated support desk staffed by experienced support personnel who are available to help answer questions and to provide help to resolve any problems you may have encountered running our software.


Our customer support pledge

  • Excellent service to our customers is our most important goal
  • We endeavor to provide the most efficient and effective customer support in all aspects of our operations
  • We respond to your requests quickly
  • To resolve problems effectively
  • To listen and act on your comments and feedback